iPads vs Surface tablets, both have plenty of features and tools

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Each year many new and innovative devices are getting added to the industry especially laptops and tablets. Mainly there are two tech giants who are offering tough competition to each other. Both Microsoft and Apple continuously update their products with new designs and advanced features. This often makes it a bit difficult to compare iPad vs Surface tablets, to choose the best.

When you compare iPads vs Surface tablets there are several factors that you need to consider. iPads are versatile devices that can perform any task up to the mark. Whether you’re working on a project or exploring your creativity. In addition to this, these iPads are powerful tablets that come with iOS 10. Apple updated its operating system and allowed third-party apps to features like Siri. Also each year Apple makes these iPads more powerful to get things done.

In addition to this, Microsoft Surface tablets also become considerable competition for Apple iPads. Microsoft Surface tablet comes with an innovative design like kickstand support and detachable keyboard facilities. It also provides all the premium features that you need.

So if you are looking for a new tablet that not only provides excellent features but also offers a premium look and feel. Then you have come to the right place. Here we have rounded up some of the key factors that you need to consider when comparing iPads vs Surface tablets.

Here are the details iPads vs Surface Tablets


Apple iPad tablets enable you to control things with your fingers and Apple Pencil too. Along with that you also get a decent keyboard and trackpad support. All Apple iPads work fantastic with Macs and iPhone in an Apple-centric workplace. The iPadOS is very easy to use and offers users great flexibility in accessing its features. Also, they are simple to update, back up, and restore.

Whereas the Surface tablet comes with a wide touch screen display with excellent resolution. Which takes your movie experience to the next level. And they feature USB support, and a built-in kickstand to provide extra support for the tablet. So you can use the tablet in multiple modes as comfortably as possible. Also, they run on an ARM processor which enables you to experience super-fast processing speed while accessing tasks.

Also, they are thin and lightweight and feature keyboards that magnetically attach. Which makes them a great suitable option for working on the go.

iPadOS vs Surface tablet OS

When comparing iPad vs Surface tablets, we come to know that both tablets are fully capable of streaming video, processing, and browsing the web at incredible speed without any interruptions. Apple iPads will be a great choice for digital art with Apple Pencil you can make all your creative work come to life. Whereas the Surface tablet can work better than traditional laptops. Also, it features a more powerful processor and supports 3D games and other intensive tasks.

Also, Apple iPads are more than capable of intensive tasks like digital painting and creating spreadsheets. iPads are pricey but their features and durability make them worthy of the price.

Both the tablets allow touch screen facilities. So you can simply swipe the screen to go through image galleries. And also you can easily share book recommendations and many more with your friends. Apple iPadOS enables you to browse content, view pictures, and watch videos seamlessly. Apple iPads touch-enabled app ecosystem is vast and robust.

iPad vs Surface tablet processors and software

Latest Apple iPad features Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, the same one that you can find on the iPhone 7. It is way behind the A11 Bionic chip that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X features. But still, it offers incredible fast responses while handling tasks and doing your creative works.

And coming to its software iPad uses Apple’s iOS same OS as the iPhone. The iOS app store offers millions of apps of every kind. So you can enjoy the same user experience as your iPhone does. The only disadvantage is there’s no access to macOS or OS X Mac software that is in the Macbook Pro on the iPad.

Whereas the Microsoft Surface tablet’s latest version features Pentium Gold 4415Y CPU. The latest version comes with Intel Core i7-1065G7 4-core processor. Coming to its software, the full Windows experience offers more flexibility. With the Microsoft app store, you get plenty of apps and tools.

With all this, we can say that iPadOS and Windows software may make Microsoft’s Surface tablets a better option for professionals. Whereas the Apple iPad software makes them well suitable option for content creators and artists.

Battery Life

The iPad family promises better efficiency than the power-hungry 10th generation Intel Core i7. iPad has lasted up to 10 hours and 16 minutes on the Tom’s Guide Battery Test. Which is longer than Surface Pro 7. Surface tablet battery life is also impressive as it lasted 7 hours and 52 minutes.

However, Apple iPad comes with a higher resolution screen while offering excellent battery life. It features a built-in 32.4 watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The company claims that it can last up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching a video, and listening to music. Whereas the Surface comes in with a smaller battery but with a lower screen resolution you get plenty of power for other apps.

Other details

After comparing both iPad vs Surface tablets, we can say that both of these tablets come with many similarities and have their own pros and cons. The Surface tablets come with a powerful performance and offer great versatility. Also, its windows 10 operating system is better capable than iOS in terms of providing access to a wide range of productivity and creative applications. In addition to this, its design offers a built-in kickstand for supporting the tablet.

Whereas the iPad also provides a touch competition for surface tablets. iPads feature a higher-quality screen than the surface tablet does. It has an excellent Retina display and support for Apple’s Smart Keyboard. Along with that, its wide products and useful creative tools make it an excellent choice. Without a doubt, these are the best value-for-money products.


iPads vs Surface tablets offer many on-demand features and excellent productivity and creative tools. Apple iPads are best suitable for content creators. They have plenty of features to enhance and support digital painting and creativity. Whereas the Surface laptop can be a great choice for business professionals. It has more storage and a bigger touch screen. And its design and kickstand support helps in setting the tablet as comfortable as possible at any viewing angle.