Oculus Air Link allows you to stream PC VR games wirelessly

Oculus Air Link
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Oculus Quest 2 provides an excellent gaming experience with its super-fast processor and next-generation graphics. Generally, to play PC games on your Oculus Quest you need to connect your headset using the Oculus link cable or some other high-quality USB 3 cable. To make the process of playing games on Virtual reality simple and effortless Oculus decided to introduce the Air Link feature as part of its Oculus v28 software update. Oculus Air link allows you to play games and watch movies on the Quest 2 Virtual reality headset wirelessly.

Initially, Oculus confirmed that the Oculus Air Link feature will rolled out for Quest 2 headsets in an experimental mode. And the company started releasing this Air Link feature a few days earlier than expected. You can find this Air Link feature if you have received a v28 software update on your PC and Quest 2 headset. The Oculus company also ensures that if you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry soon you will get it.

Unfortunately, this Air Link will be exclusive to Quest 2 and won’t be available for the original Oculus Quest. But the feature which allows you to bring a physical desk into VR will be supported in Quest 1. A feature like Air Link, 120Hz refresh rate, and physical tracking will rolled out for Oculus Quest 2 only, as per the company.

Based on UploadVR reports, some users already received the new v28 software update. But the Air Link feature was missing for them. However, some Reddit users figured out a workaround method using ADB commands that forcefully enabled the Air Link feature. This allowed users to experience this new feature even before the official release. Addressing situations like this Oculus support page on Reddit states that the company’s workaround method not endorsed. Also, they informed me that the official release of Air Link will be coming sometime next week.

In addition to this, Oculus software engineer Volga Aksoy suggested on Twitter that the Air Link functionality while using the Reddit workaround method may not represent the performance of the feature when it’s officially enabled. So it’s better for Oculus Quest 2 users to wait till next week. Then the company will officially launch to experience the new Air Link feature optimally.

Oculus Air Link features enable users to experience wireless PC VR streaming. It’s the more simplified version of Oculus Link that ditches the cord. Along with that, PC VR games can wirelessly streamed to the Oculus Quest 2 using your local network and router. Facebook introduced this Air Link feature as part of its v28 software update for the Quest platform. This new update started to roll out to headsets across the globe.

With all this in mind, we can say that this new Air Link feature enables Quest 2 users to stream content from their PCs to Standalone headsets. This lets users experience more graphic intense titles. Also with this Air Link feature, Quest 2 users can abandon the tied experience of the Oculus link. As of now, many users are depending on third-party software to perform this.

The newOculus Air Link feature evolved from Oculus Link, which uses a USB-C cable to run PC VR games on the standalone Oculus Quest devices. Similarly, Virtual Desktop a third-party app also enables you to stream PC VR games wirelessly.

The developers at Virtual Desktop have figured out the way to run system-intensive titles on your PC. And it allows you to stream the visual feed to your Oculus Quest headset at the same time it syncs all of your movements over Wi-Fi. Thus Virtual Desktop provides you the best of both PC games and Virtual reality of headsets. Allows you to stream PC VR games wirelessly without attached by a cable to your computer.

This third-party Virtual Desktop app lets you access your PC through the lens of VR headsets. You can use it not only for streaming games but also for watching movies. And all the special series and movies that you have stored on your PC in a variety of different virtual environments.

Other details

However, the new Oculus Air Link feature can perform the same action with great efficiency and it offers simple setup offers. Also in terms of performance-wise, this new Oculus Air Link feature could make other alternatives like Virtual Desktop’s solution less appealing for Oculus Quest 2 users.

Also, keep in mind that this new Air Link is not applicable to the original Quest headset. Moreover, this Air Link released as an experimental feature. And it will released sooner than expected.


Oculus is rolling out its Air Link PC streaming feature for the Quest 2 virtual reality headset. This new Oculus Air Link allows you to stream PC games and movies wirelessly on your headset. Oculus rolled out this Air Link feature as a part of its v28 software update. To use this feature both the PC and Quest 2 headsets should updated to the latest version v28. If you have not received this update, you will be getting the update sooner than expected.