Galaxy 3 ticking sounds can be enabled with the following strategies

Galaxy 3 ticking sounds

Nowadays smartwatches can do a lot more than just simply displaying the time. Contributing to the smart wearables industry Samsung also released the Galaxy watch 3 last year. It has many on-demand specs and features. Along with that Samsung introduced a special feature that enables Galaxy 3 ticking sounds. This gives off the vibe of a mechanical watch to users. It is very appealing to vintage watch lovers.

Sometimes it can even drain the battery too but not always. Apart from that, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can provide smartphone-level productivity and advanced health technology in one premium device. This ensures every activity that you can perform on a smartphone can also be done on this smartwatch. From making calls to reading social media messages and going through notifications. Along with that company claims it is the most advanced Galaxy watch yet. So to enable a vintage feature like mechanical ticking sound in this Galaxy 3 watch you need to follows some steps.

However, there are several ways that you can consider enabling galaxy 3 ticking sounds. Some of them are like installing new smartwatch faces with ticking sounds, downloading third-party apps, and enabling inbuilt ticking sounds if your watch has one.

To help your Galaxy watch 3 to enable ticking sounds, we have gathered some useful tips. Choose the one that best suits your watch and gives you that authentic mechanical ticking sound. Hopefully, you will find one of these following strategies useful.

How to enable ticking sounds in your Galaxy Watch 3

Every year Samsung adds many new and exciting features to its smartwatches. Features like ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, workout analysis, and many more features are common among smartwatches. But this time Samsung has introduced something new for its users that are enabling Galaxy watch 3 and some other smartwatch models to make a mechanical ticking sound. This feature allows galaxy smartwatch users to feel like wearing a mechanical watch.

However, enabling galaxy watch 3 to produce ticking sounds has both pros and cons. This feature may appeal to some users, but not every single user will be happy about it. Therefore, Samsung has offered its smartwatch users an option to disable the ticking sound also. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want this ticking sound feature enabled in your smart watch or not.

If you’ve decided to enable this ticking sound feature then simply follow these steps. First, you need to open the settings of your smartphone connected with the Galaxy smartwatch. After that go to the sounds and vibrations section. Tap on it and you’ll find the Ticking Sound option there. From there simply turn it on. And enjoy a mechanical ticking sound in your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

In case, if you don’t want this feature anymore or think that this ticking sound feature drains your battery fast, then you can disable it. For disabling this feature in Galaxy Watch 3 or any other Samsung smartwatch, you can simply follow the same steps. Just turn off the ticking sound option.

Other alternatives for enabling Ticking sounds in galaxy watch 3

AndyXSoft offers a Ticking sound application

AndyXSoft offers a Ticking Sound application suitable for Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. With this app, your watch will produce ticking sounds the same as a mechanical wristwatch.

This application is simple to use and you can install it from the link from the AndyXSoft site. Once you install it open the application and select desired sound from the Configuration page. From there you can choose the timing for the ticking sound by tapping on the when to tick button. In recommended mode battery usage will be minimal. In this mode, you will get the ticking sound only when you interact directly with the smartwatch.

But if you want your smart watch to make a ticking sound always, you can choose that option too. Simply you need to turn on Always On mode. Which will allow the smartwatch to produce ticking sound all the time. However, if you are more concerned about your battery life, then this is not the best option for you.

In addition to this, Once you select the desired ticking sound and mode, go to settings and enable the application and select the desired volume for the ticking sound. As of now, you will get 7 different sounds. And the company ensures that more sounds will be added with time.

Other alternatives

Apart from the above two options, you have one more option for enabling your galaxy watch 3 to make ticking sounds. This option is selecting a watch face that supports Ticking sound. Samsung Galaxy store provides plenty of watch faces to choose from, all matching its sleek design.

Keep in mind to check the ticking sound support while selecting the watch face. Because not every watch face provides support for ticking the sound option. One of the watch faces that supports ticking sound for your galaxy watch 3 is the “My Day” watch face.

Since this My Day is a Samsung-own face, it offers enough room to customize. You can hold down the face then you will get an option to change the style of the hands and turn on or off for the ticking sound. If you can’t wait to hear that ticking sound from your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Then try all of these strategies and choose the option that gives you the best ticking sound quality. Also, keep in mind that, keeping this ticking sound always on your galaxy watch 3, may drain your battery faster.


These are the best ways to enable Samsung Galaxy 3 ticking sounds. Some of these options are turning on the in-built features and others are downloading third-party options. Along with that, you can choose the watch faces that support ticking sounds.