Microsoft Office and OneNote for Amazon Fire tablets users

Microsoft Office and OneNote

Amazon Fire tablets are some of the high-profile and ultra-affordable devices that provide the best entertainment experience. Based on recent reports, Amazon and Microsoft both are deciding to enhance Amazon Fire tablet capability for productivity with a new update. This update is Microsoft Office and OneNote app are now available for Amazon’s Fire tablet users. Users can download these apps directly from the Amazon App store.

Previously we have seen that Microsoft offered apps like OneDrive Outlook, and Xbox game passes through the Amazon Appstore. And now Microsoft is adding the Office app and OneNote to the Amazon Appstore. However, Microsoft simply made its Android Office app that’s already available for Android users, compatible with Amazon’s Fire OS.

Microsoft Office app combines Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps into a single app. Which is quite similar to the recently updated Office app on iPad and Android. With all the Microsoft 365 apps in one place, you will get an additional advantage in productivity and studying. Because with this app you can easily view and edit all of your Office documents in one place.

However, this update of adding Microsoft Office and OneNote for Amazon Fire tablets, Coincides with the new announcement of Amazon. The announcement of its Fire HD 10and Fire HD 10 plus. To make it more interesting, the new Fire HD 10 productivity Bundle comes with a detachable keyboard case. Along with that, you will get a 12 month Microsoft 365 personal subscription. Let’s understand better what exactly your Amazon Fire tablet will be getting.

Microsoft adding Office and OneNote apps to Amazon Appstore

Microsoft has officially announced this news in its blog that its Microsoft Office and OneNote apps will be available for Amazon Fire tablets in the Amazon Appstore. Along with that Microsoft offers a 12-month subscription to Microsoft personal. Which will be provided for users through Amazon’s new Fire HD productivity bundle. 

Microsoft Office enables you to get your work done faster and efficiently. We already know that the Microsoft Office app integrates apps like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint into a single app. With this users can eliminate the need to download or switch between these individual apps. This can save a lot of time and storage space, as users often have to perform different tasks with these apps. After this update, Amazon Fire tablets users are also able to easily create and edit documents. Also, they can sign documents using their fingers and take notes. If needed users can scan, convert and edit PDF files also and many more.

Microsoft further informed that users can download the Office mobile app from Amazon Appstore. From every country where these Amazon Fire tablets are being sold. Users can sign in with a free Microsoft Account, to save their files in OneDrive. Which allows users to access them across different devices and the web. And if you want you can take it further by taking the full Microsoft Office experience with the productivity bundle.

OneNote Digital Notebook

With this Microsoft app, users can capture ideas, organize and share thoughts. Also, you can sync notes across all your devices. OneNote lets you type, draw and clip things from the web. In addition to this, you will get a OneNote canvas that lets you explore your creative side and imagination. To make your process hassle-free, you can even organize your notes into sections and pages. Also, you can name them and add different themes to find what you want to easily and quickly.

Similar to Microsoft Office app download criteria, this OneNote app is also made available in countries where Amazon Fire tablets are sold. Moreover, this app is free to use with your Microsoft account. Both of these apps Office and OneNote are already available for Android and Apple users.

Along with these apps, you get Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle

Microsoft Office and OneNote apps update coincide with the announcement of Amazon Fire HD 10. This productivity bundle includes Amazon Fire HD 10 or Fire HD 10 Plus tablet. That comes along with a detachable keyboard case and a 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal. Which includes premium Office apps, 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, and more. In addition to this, users can use up to five compatible devices at the same time. As of now, this bundle is available for presale in the US, Canada and Japan, and more.

Apart from this Microsoft 365, Personal offers smart assistance features and plenty of templates, photos, icons, and fonts. Which will be very useful while using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also, you can save and share files and photos across devices with OneDrive. Both OneDrive and Outlook come with some advanced security protection. So you don’t need to worry about your privacy anymore. Along with this, you will get contact support via chat or phone at no additional cost throughout your subscription. All this now will be available for Amazon Fire Tablet users.

Other details

Microsoft Office and OneNote update timed to coincide with the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet announcement. Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet comes with a thinner design and slimmed-down bezels on all four sides. And its RAM has been increased by 50 percent to 3GB. Amazon claims that its Fire HD 10 1080p screen is much brighter than ever. It is powered by a powerful octa-core processor.

This new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet comes with “Productivity Bundles”. Which has a Finite designed keyboard case and one year Microsoft 365 subscription. With all this, Both Amazon and Microsoft will provide an awe-inspiring experience and productivity boost for Amazon Fire tablet users. 


Microsoft Office and OneNote apps will now be available for Amazon Fire tablet users. They can download these apps directly from the Amazon App store. Microsoft Office combines Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in a single app. Which takes your productivity to the next level, at the same time, saves time and space for users. Microsoft made these updates coincide with Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet announcement today along with a productivity bundle. This bundle includes a detachable keyboard case and a 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal.