Best Biofeedback apps for Apple Watches with HRV analysis

Best Biofeedback apps

Every day we come across many situations that may increase our anxiety and stress levels. Especially in the present situation, everyone is facing tremendous stress and anxieties concerning their lives. So it is very crucial to learn how to manage our stress levels. One of the best ways to do that is to use the Biofeedback method. We have gathered some of the best biofeedback apps that can perform these actions better and efficiently.

The Biofeedback method involves enhancing the awareness of users and gaining greater control of his/her physiological process through feedback. This can be done by instruments that can measure heart rate, brainwaves, blood pressure, skin temperature, and muscle tension. So you can know the state of your biological body and take necessary actions for optimizing your health.

However, You can perform Biofeedback with equipment also. But getting this Biofeedback equipment can be costly. Luckily, you no longer need a lab or special equipment for doing biofeedback. With today’s advancement in technology for wearables, you can get modern sensors and apps that make effective stress reduction techniques easily accessible for everyone. And Apple smartwatches have some of the best biofeedback apps.

For effective biofeedback heart rate sensors are very crucial. Because our heart rates are directly related to our stress level. So any app that can track heart rate variability can be the best biofeedback app. Also, keep in mind that if you have some serious issues with stress and anxiety then it’s better to consult an experienced therapist. Otherwise, getting one of these best biofeedback apps for your Apple smartwatch will be enough.

Here are the best Biofeedback apps for Apple watches

1.Elite HRV

This one of the best Biofeedback apps that Apple provides for its smartwatches. Elite HRV comes with an emphasis on accuracy, professional quality, and also quite easy to use. You can easily track your stress levels. And it provides daily personalized guidance for longevity and lifelong performance.

Along with that, it provides the necessary tool to boost resilience. Its guided breathing and live HRV biofeedback enhance your nervous system. With its accurate heart rate variability, it prepares for a healthy lifestyle.


Welltory is the most user-friendly Biofeedback app that you can find out there. This Biofeedback app breaks down your HRV results into simple formats like Performance, Energy, and Stress. Along with that, you get a meaningful representation of your readings and 5 extra indexes. Which are based on the latest clinical guidelines for measuring your blood pressure in the right way.

In addition to this, you get all your fitness data in one place. Also, you can sync this data with all Welltory supported gadgets and apps. Thus making it the centerpiece of your health tech. And you can track your performance and recovery. You can even find out how different types of exercises impact your nervous system and how you feel. So you can decide the best time to hit the gym. All these features make it one of the best biofeedback apps out there for Apple

3.HRV4Training Biofeedback app

This Biofeedback app can accurately measure your Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability without needing any sensor. And HRV4Training on iOS works with regular Bluetooth 4.0 sensors. Along with that, this HRV4Training provides advanced data analytics on the relation between physiological parameters, training, and performance within the app.

In addition to this, its HRV4Training Pro provides an ultimate web platform for users and teams. Where people work towards understanding how different stressors affect their bodies. So they can take necessary steps for being healthy and performing optimally. This biofeedback offers the best health tracking results from your Apple watch.

4.SweetBeat HRV

This biofeedback app analyzes HRV and stress-related data efficiently along with additional data. It offers deeper insights into your health and provides what activities you should engage in. Which type of exercise offers maximum benefit for your health.

SweetBeat HRV mainly offers four functionalities, Monitors stress, HRV for Training, Food Sensitivity, and Data correlation. Monitor stress provides real-time analysis of your stress level and steps to reduce it. If your stress threshold is reached, SweetBeat offers a Relax screen that encourages you to do deep breathing.

SweetBeatHRV measures HRV and your body’s response for every workout that you do. And provides training recommendations that offer the best result for your health.


If you want an app that not only offers accurate HRV readings but also a personal health coach, then this one’s for you. This Gyroscope app can sync with Apple Health to provide health dashboards and coaching features based on your data. For checking your results you can use your Apple Watch and in-app tracking.


With all this, we can ensure any app that can support HRV analysis will be a good fit as a biofeedback app for your Apple Watch. Along with that, meditation apps and relaxation apps also can provide great help for controlling your stress levels.

Some of the well-known meditation apps are Headspace, 3 Minute Mindfulness, Omvana, and Enlighten app. They all offer calm, relaxing music and guided meditations. Overall to maintain your health on point and keep your stress minimum as possible, You need to maintain a daily health routine.


These are the best Biofeedback apps for your Apple Watches. They offer accurate HRV readings and other health-related analyses. Also, keep in mind to check whether they are paid or unpaid. Because some of them also offer a paid version for premium features. If you are more serious and need additional sport, then premium services will be helpful.