Google Chromecast latest update provides advanced video controls


Google Chromecast allows users to connect their mobile devices to their TV for streaming content like Netflix, Youtube, and other content. Generally, users can establish this connection by connecting their mobile with a dongle to the TV’s HDMI port. Now Google released a new April update for the Chromecast with Google TV. This new Google Chromecast latest update brings some new improvements and new features for users.

We have seen that Chromecast with Google TV has some impressive features. Some of them are, Google TV presents you with content from multiple platforms. Google TV organizes media content from multiple sources in one place. Along with that, you can save shows and movies you find interesting, and resume watching later via Google TV’s watchlist. And it syncs with Google search means you can find the same content on your device and computer. It automatically syncs with your TV.

Apart from this, the Chromecast with Google TV suggests new content based on your current viewing habits and sums content from different providers in one easy-to-understand hub. Thus it provides an excellent entertainment experience. And it has a very user-friendly interface. Now with the Google Chromecast latest update, this viewing experience got even better.

Based on reports, this new update brings more HDR controls and improved Wi-Fi performance. And it seems to be a large update for a streaming device equalling 166MB in Chromecast. It includes several other improvements too. Let’s take a look at what exactly you are getting with this new update.

Here are the details of Google Chromecast latest update

Google Chromecast latest update comes with a firmware version QTS1.210311.005. This was initially spotted by a Reddit user and its changelog exposes some new interesting features.

Once you install the new software update and restart your Chromecast, you will observe that there will be some new video settings that were previously absent. With the new “advanced video controls” area of settings, you will get the ability to choose your preferred dynamic range format. It includes options like Dolby Vision, HDR, and SDR. Along with that, you can also manually switch to a ton of resolution with several refresh rates.

You will be getting resolutions with refresh rates as follows. 4K resolution with 60Hz / 50Hz / 30Hz/ 25Hz / 24Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution with 60Hz / 50Hz / 24Hz refresh rate, 720p resolution with 60Hz / 50Hz refresh rates, resolution of 1080i with 60Hz / 50Hz refresh rates and 576p resolution with 50Hz refresh rate and also 480p resolution with 60Hz.

Along with that, this Google Chromecast latest update includes an April security patch. And new advanced video control settings under Display and Sound provide granular control over HDR and color formats. Also, you get a preference to feature HDMI-CEC just turn on or off your TV. For the majority of users that don’t use an Ethernet adapter, there are Wi-Fi enhancements for 5GHz and Mesh networks.

Google Chromecast update brings Bluetooth stuttering developments

With the latest update, Chromecast with Google TV will offer less Bluetooth Audio Stuttering for some apps to pair with headphones. So you can experience better quality and supreme SNR. Along with that, the new firmware for Chromecast with Google TV enhances its security patch level to April 2021. It is much expected among users because the last security update streaming devices got was in December.

Apart from this, the Google Chromecast update brings a new remote version 24.7. To get this update go to the settings for the remote then install the new version. Previously Google released an update in February that improved 4K support and Dolby Audio for Atmos and Digital Plus content. Along with that, it reduced the probability that users may encounter the Android recovery screen.

To get this Google Chromecast latest update you need to click your profile avatar in the top-right corner. From there go to settings and then systems. Then click on the About section and download the system update.

Other details

In addition to this, recently Google Chromecast got officially certified for HDR10+ support. Google informed that with this update Google has joined the growing number of companies using HDR10+. With this HDR10+ update, Google promises to provide a great HDR experience for its users.

It’s worth noting that, Previously Google also invested in HDR10+ through Play Movies. This service was built directly into Google TV on the new Chromecast. So if you have found any content on Amazon Prime Video or any other platform that supports streaming in HDR format. Then you may try streaming it.


Google has officially rolled out its new Chromecast with Google TV update. This Google Chromecast latest update brings new advanced video control settings along with several other improvements. Other improvements include Wi-Fi enhancements for 5GHz and Mesh networks, security updates. Also, it reduced Bluetooth stuttering in some apps.