Farming simulator 15 tractor and tire mods to enhance your game

Farming Simulator 15 tractor

Farming simulator is a very captivating farming simulation video game series developed by GIANTS software. It comes with a brand new graphics and physics engine to make your gaming experience much more realistic. In addition to this Farming Simulator 15 provides an immense open world filled with incredible details and stunning visual effects. Not only this, Farming simulator 15 tractor. Tire mods along with other mods take it to the next level in terms of customization.

You can play this game solo on all consoles or with friends in multiplayer on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The main focus of the game revolves around developing. And managing your own farm across hundreds of acres of open land. And you can use and drive some authentic machines and farming tools from over 40 most famous manufacturers including vehicles.

Also, players can breed livestock, grow crops and sell assets and make money. In the game, you get several real-life tasks like planting and sowing crops and cutting and selling trees for making money. So to make the best out of the game and make good money you need to have a good vehicle like a tractor or others along with the best suitable tires.

Because tractors the most widely used category of vehicles in the game. Tractors are capable of towing or operating nearly every tool that is available in the game. To make your process easy we have gathered some of the best tractor and tire mods for Farming Simulator 15.

Here are the details of Farming Simulator 15 tractor and tire mods

Farming Simulator 15 offers many mods including tractor and tire mods. Mods are just a modification by players or fans to enhance one or more aspects of a video game such as how it looks and behaves. They range from small changes to complete changeovers, which will help to regain users’ interest.

Similarly, Farming Simulator 15 has some interesting and advanced tractor and tire mods for its users. These mods will hook users’ interest by providing something new to look for with each and every new mod. In fact, many users agree that without these tractors and tires and other mods, Farming simulator 15 would have been an outdated game long ago. But with new Farming Simulator Tractor and tire mods are released again and again. It makes it very hard for Farming Simulator lovers to get out of the game.

Some of the best tractor mods for Farming Simulator 15

JOHN DEERE 6170R + FRONT LOADERS PACK this mod provides you with an indication of your speed and indication for the fuel tank. So you can efficiently use the fuel and vehicle. Along with that, it enables you to see your hands while driving the tractor.

Kirovets K-701 for LS 15 this mod provides a super cool truck with optimal performance. It makes you feel like you are driving a real tractor. You can open the tractor door and hood, and it has mirrors to offer a better grasp of your surroundings.

MTZ 82 Edit TeoR-this tractor mod lets you leave traces from wheels which is a big plus in the Farming Simulator 15. And it is not washable as other tractor mods so if you don’t want to wash your tractor on a regular basis then this one is for you.

Belarus 3022DTS tractor mod comes with some unique qualities, And Claas Xerion 3300 Tractor VC V 5.0 both offer great controls for the best driving experience. also, they are washable and have a power shaft attacher.

The John Deere 7730 Pack for LS15 comes with some exclusive features such as an animated hydraulic system, control of speed display, and realistic textures. There are many tractor mods are there for Farming Simulator 15 that provides an excellent virtual driving experience. You can try which one will best suit you.

Best Tire modes for Farming Simulator 15

There are several best tire mods for Farming Simulator 15, they all can provide optimal support for your vehicles. So unlike tractor mods, tire mods are not specific or particularly related to one source. Every tire mod has its own benefits, what you need to consider when choosing the tire mod is how well it supports and fits your vehicle.

Some interesting observations were made by Farming Simulator 15 gamers. However, they can be varied based on present upgrades so consider this with a pinch of salt.

Narrow tires generally offer the least amount of grip and do not damage the crop. Whereas twin narrow tires offer the same amount of grip as traditional tires and are smooth on the grass. When you are using your vehicle on Crop, normal tires provide an average grip and wide tires offer slightly better grip.

In addition to this, normal tires with rear-wheel weights can offer an average grip and better life capacity with a front loader. Whereas wide tires with rear-wheel weights come with slightly better grip and better life capacity with front loaders.

Other details

Similar to any other mods, these tractor and tire mods for Farming Simulator 15 also come in one of three file formats. EXE, RAR, and ZIP formats.

EXE formats are the easiest to install. Once you download this mod just double tap on it and when it runs it will install itself. Then run the game and test it. Coming to the RAR format there are compressed files. And they can contain any files or folders that are compressed to download quicker. So you need to extract all the files within the RAR file, once you download these files. Generally, you will get either exe files or zip files once you extract them.

Finally ZIP format, these also compressed files. You need to check what files contained within them. If it has zip or exe files then you need to extract and run them. If it contains only zip files then the zip file needs to be copied into the mods folder of the game.


These are some of the useful Farming Simulator Tractor and tires mods for enhancing your gaming experience. Not only this Farming Simulator 15 offers many other mods from grass effects to housing details. Anyway, Mods are the best way to refresh your gaming experience.