AEEZO Tablet factory reset improves performance and removes virus

AEEZO tablet factory reset

There are many high-tech gadgets available for kids to boost their curiosity and entertain them. One such device is the AEEZO tablet which is known to pack some useful tools for kids with incredible graphics and impressive features. Like any other device at some point, you need to do a factory reset to restore the software of an electronic device to its original state by erasing all of the information from the device. Especially in the case where you find your device is affected by malware. Here we will discuss how to perform an AEEZO tablet factory reset.

This AEEZO tablet comes with A133 highly integrated application processor. Which provides everything that you need from both entertainment and education apps in one place. And it is powered by the latest version of the Android 10 operating system to enhance your tablet capabilities and functionalities. It has powerful 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM which is expandable up to 128 GB, and comes with a quad-core processor.

Along with that, you get dual cameras 2MP and 5MP with flash so your kids can showcase their photography skills. It is equipped with a 2600mAh battery that provides nearly 7 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. And it is easy to use with complete parental controls. In addition to this, this AEEZO tablet includes a free blue light blocking screen protector and a food-grade silicone case. Which not only protects the device also ensures your vision safety.

But if you are experience any drag down in its performance and think that your device is slowing down and affected by any virus or malware. Then you have to do Azzeo tablet factory to restore the previous configuration.

Here are the details on how to do AEEZO tablet Factory reset

With all these impressive specs and features, this AEEZO tablet can be a perfect gift for children’s birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, and any holiday gift. If you think that your AEEZO tablet is not performing upto the mark, both its speed and graphics are not optimal. Then one of the solutions is to do a factory reset. Also, keep in mind that whenever you do Factory reset you will lose all the data on the AEEZO tablet. It gets restored to the initial condition as when it was first purchased.

Before you sell, give away, give, or simply want to restore to the initial software configuration. It is best to remove all your personal data. Also, ensure that your AEEZO tablet is charged to at least 75 percent. If possible keep your device plugged in while performing a factory reset for this AEEZO tablet.

First, go to settings and select System, then click on Reset options. Then select Erase all data (factory reset), after that choose reset tablet. You’ll get a notification to confirm, select Erase Everything. Once you confirm it then your AEEZO tablet reboot process starts. And shows a progress screen indicating that it is erasing the data from your AEEZO tablet.

Once the factory reset gets completed in your AEEZO tablet. Its operating system will restart again and will arrive at a screen similar to the one when you first unpacked it from the box.

AEEZO Tablet factory reset benefits

Performing a factory reset on the AEEZO tablet will ensure users’ data unhackable from intruders and in case of situations like your AEEZO Tablet getting lost or theft. There are several reasons why you should do a factory reset on the AEEZO tablet.

One of the reasons can be passing or selling your device to someone else. Before doing a factory reset ensure backing up all your personal information and history from the AEEZO tablet. Also doing the factory reset can improve its performance. If you think that your device is getting slower, freezing a lot, and not performing optimally, then you might try resetting factory settings on your AEEZO tablet. However, we recommend this as the last thing to follow, after you’ve done the manual clean-up. But if it has the hard drive or operating system problem then factory reset won’t be any use for your AEEZO tablet

Also reset to factory settings will be beneficial if you think your AEEZO tablet has a virus on your device. Because viruses can be hard to detect and it is a time-consuming process to remove. Also, it is best to protect your device with cybersecurity software and avoid the problem in the first place will be the best solution. But if you think your AEEZO tablet has been infected by a virus. Then doing a factory reset can be the only way to remove it.

Other details

Though we have an option to do a factory reset to restore your AEEZO tablet to its internal settings. It is best to take the necessary precautions. Because doing a factory reset can be a very time-consuming process and stressful process.

In addition to this, doing a factory reset will erase all the information from your AEEZO tablet. You need to keep in mind to back up all your data and personal files. Before you decide to perform the factory reset option.


This is how you can perform the AEEZO tablet factory reset option. You can perform the task similar to doing the same factory reset on any other android tablet or smartphone. You just need to go to settings and select the Reset option. From there choose to Erase all data (factory reset) and select reset the tablet for the bottom. Once you tap on erase everything, a factory reset will be done and all your data will be erased from your AEEZO tablet. Most importantly backup all your data before doing the process.