Apple Watch 8 might use a sensor to monitor blood sugar with infrared light

Apple Watch 8

Apple tech giant very well known for introducing new innovative technologies and impressive specs to its devices. Previous rumors informed that Apple Watch 7 will monitor user’s blood sugar and alcohol levels. Whereas new reports state that it won’t instead Apple Watch 8 will feature a blood sugar monitor and alcohol level. This will definitely win the hearts of many users.

Because many users are expecting blood sugar monitoring sensors in a wearable quite for some time. And based on recent reports, Apple seems to figure out a way to bring this to the Apple Watch and other devices. If these reports are accurate, we can expect the Apple Watch 8 to be equipped with the most advanced health-tracking sensors.

The Cupertino-based company has a significant relationship with the UK startup Rockley Photonics company. And both the companies are designing sensors for monitoring blood using infrared light. These sensors are expected to monitor blood glucose and alcohol levels. This is rare to see in a wearable because it can be done generally by using medical or specialized equipment.

However, there is no official announcement about this Apple Watch 8 yet. Along with that, Apple seems to be working on a new rugged variant of its smartwatch. Which is specially designed for athletes and extreme sports lovers. Let’s take a better look at what Apple is planning for its users, as per reports.

Here are the details of the Apple Watch 8

Though Apple didn’t make any official announcement, there are several rumors and reports offering information about this upcoming Apple Watch 8. Similarly based on a new report from the Telegraph, a US securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing for the startup called Rockley Photonics reveals something interesting about this Apple Watch 8. These reports inform that the new Apple Watch 8 might feature a blood sugar and alcohol level monitor. Both of these sensors are much expected among users for a long time.

The startup Rockley Photonics has a very good reputation in designing high-quality and efficient sensors for electronic gadgets. This time the company is planning to design sensors for monitoring health and wellness. Which are capable of monitoring your blood using infrared light. These sensors can inform users about their blood pressure, blood sugar, and alcohol levels. Apple suggests that these new blood sugar monitoring functions will be implemented in its future products along with Apple Watch 8.

Rockley Photonics reports confirm some interesting facts

The reports further informed that Rockley Photonics CEO Andrew Rickman says that the company technology would be in consumer products from 2022. However, he didn’t specifically mention an Apple product. But with Apple being responsible for 100 percent of the company’s revenue in 2020 and 99.6 percent in 2019. So we can expect this technology in the upcoming Apple Watch 8 and other devices. As the company made some significant efforts towards health and fitness devices.

In addition to this, these new reports are in line with the release of the Apple Watch 8. So we can expect that Apple Watch 8 might be equipped with a blood sugar, blood pressure, and alcohol level monitor. However, there is no official confirmation of how many sensors it will support, since the blood sugar monitor has already appeared in previous rumors we may expect this with more certainty than others.

Apple is planning for a new rugged watch along with watch 8

Along with Apple Watch 8, Apple also has plans for the new version of its smartwatch with a rugged casing. Which also expected to be released as early as this year or by next year. Apple reported to launch a new rugged version of the Apple Watch for athletes and sports lovers.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple with this new variant could target users who work in extreme environments. The reports further claim that the company could target athletes, hikers, and others. Apple decided to launch the rugged version, after witnessing the strong sales of watchmakers like Casio. In addition to this, the report adds that the new rugged version of Apple may look similar to a Casio G-Shock watch. Along with this company have plans for the Watch 8 series.

Other details

If reports are accurate then Apple Watch 8 will be the first to feature monitor blood sugar and alcohol levels. Apple Watches includes sensors for metrics such as heart rate, but introducing a blood sugar monitor will be an advantage for the company.

Apart from this, Apple reportedly working on patent applications for components that could used to monitor sugar levels through the skin. Instead of using the traditional method of drawing blood. This feature can be very useful especially for diabetics because they need to monitor their sugar levels on a daily basis to have a healthy life.

And it will be useful for anyone who wants to track their body’s sugar levels. So these features can a handy feature for a future Apple watch to be equipped with. However, to know how accurate these sensors will work. We have to wait till Apple officially announces Apple Watch 8 details.


Apple Watch 8 may come with a blood sugar and alcohol level monitor. Also, it expected to measure wearers’ blood pressure, as per reports. This news came to the spotlight as Apple made a deal with a British electronic startup that designs sensors for monitoring blood using infrared light. However, Apple has not made any official announcements about this Watch 8 yet. Some rumors also inform that Apple is planning to launch a new rugged version of its smartwatch for sports lovers. Hopefully, we have everything that you need to know about Apple Watch 8.