Microsoft Teams Auto Recording feature will be rolled out soon

Microsoft Teams auto recording

Nowadays everyone from business professionals to college and school students is using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis. And Microsoft continuously updates its Teams platform to make it more useful for its users. Now Microsoft Teams Auto recording features seem to be in development and soon it will be released for both Windows and macOS. It will enable users to automatically record meetings.

This Microsoft teams auto-recording feature will be very useful for users. In case you forgot what was said in one of your Microsoft Teams meetings, or want to rewatch and take notes on important things. Then don’t worry Microsoft Teams has your back. With the Microsoft Teams Auto recording feature, all your meetings will be recorded automatically. And you can rewatch them and share them with your friends and family.

However, this auto-recording feature is already available on its rival Zoom platform. Zoom allows its users to automatically record meetings for a long time. On the contrary, Microsoft Teams lacks this feature and didn’t have any alternative to the auto-recording feature till now. But it will soon change and users will get the same auto-recording functionality in Teams also soon. Moreover, Microsoft has not announced anything about its release date yet.

Recently on the Microsoft Teams forum, a Microsoft Teams engineering member informed a user that Microsoft is planning to introduce an automatic recording feature to meetings. And he further stated that this feature will come to the Mac version of Microsoft Teams as well.

Here are the details of Microsoft Teams auto-recording feature

Initially, a user requested this feature in the Microsoft Teams forum back in September of 2018. The user stated as “It would better if the meeting should be recorded beforehand then it would be nice to have an option when scheduling the meeting to start recording automatically. This will help users in case they forget to start recording and save some time.
Also, it will make it easy for users as they don’t have to put in efforts to do it manually.

Almost after three years one of the Teams Engineering employees responded to this and said the following. Thank you for your feedback! Microsoft Team has been working on this request for a while now. And it will soon share an update regarding this new auto-recording feature in Microsoft Teams.

Once Microsoft makes this feature available for users, those who attend your meeting will get a prompt. This prompt indicates that the meeting will be recorded and you can also download this for all in attendance after it is over. However, it still not confirmed whether Microsoft will include an option to disable this feature. Because many users are very concerned about their privacy lately, we have to wait and see what type of privacy protocols Microsoft will follow.

With all this, we can say that Microsoft is planning to add several new features for Teams users. With this new feature, Microsoft Team attendees can easily access a record of their meetings. Along with that, they can cross-reference recordings against live transcriptions from Teams meetings.

When can we expect Microsoft Teams auto-recording feature

Microsoft has not announced anything about the release date for the new feature. But as we can observe from the previous releases of new features from the company. It confirms that Microsoft generally rolls out extra additions to Teams at the beginning of each month. So we may expect this Microsoft Teams Auto recording feature earlier than expected.

Along with this, Microsoft added several new additions to Teams that will help participants keep track of what was said in a meeting. This means Microsoft will include live transcriptions for Microsoft Teams meetings. Which allows attendees to follow and review conversations alongside the recorded video or audio in real-time.

In simple terms, Microsoft Teams will provide a recap of everything that happened during the meeting. Allowing users who missed the call or want to revisit a specific area to catch up. Overall recording of the meeting, transcript, chat message and all attached files will be shared among participants. This will shared through the meeting chat tab and viewable in the details tab.

Apart from this, Microsoft also rolled out a new “Out of Office” status for users. In the upcoming future, Microsoft plans to enable support for native notifications and noise suppression on macOS. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee and Microsoft may change its plans anytime.

Other details

This Microsoft Teams auto-recording feature is the most requested feature among users. Previously this feature is not available on Microsoft Teams and it was a big issue for many users. Even though there is a recording option, you have to do it manually. It is quite simple to set this feature up before initiating any meeting. But setting this feature manually every time is a hectic task and users can easily forget about this.

So many individuals and companies who use this Microsoft Teams on a regular basis have probably requested for this auto-recording feature. Many posts and requests have appeared on Reddit and Microsoft Teams forums. Previously many developers and tech experts have also tried to implement this auto-recording feature on Microsoft Teams by using a third-party program. But none of those proved effective. So finally Microsoft Teams decided to introduce this most requested auto-recording feature for users


Microsoft will be rolling a new extension for recording on Teams. This Microsoft Teams auto-recording feature will be released for both macOS and Windows platforms soon. It is the most requested feature on the Microsoft Teams forum, whereas its rival Zoom has offered this feature a long way back. One of Microsoft Teams members shared this information on its forum and informed that the company is working on this feature and it will soon announce the details about when it will be available for users.