Android Studio 4.2 version has IntelliJ platform update, and more


For all the developers to make your developing projects process easy and efficient Google has officially announced the Android Studio 4.2 version. Developers can download this new Android Studio 4.2 through the stable release channel. This new release of Android Studio comes with the IntelliJ IDEA platform up to date. In addition to this, you get a set of new features to improve the developer experience.

Along with this, Google also includes an assistant which can help in porting an existing project to the latest version. And this new Android Studio 4.2 includes an updated user interface for GitHub pull requests and a common window to display any issues. So with all these features, Android app developers can make projects with better efficiency and accuracy.

Google states in its Android Developers blog that “Sometimes upgrading your app project to the latest version can be a hectic process. But with our new Android Studio, 4.2 version, migrating your projects becomes much easier and you can even take advantage of the latest Android Gradle Plugin APIs. This allows you to manage the registry of artifacts linked with each variant for all the input, output, and intermediate files.

Apart from this, Google also added a whole range of enhancements to the existing features like the Database Inspector, System Trace, SafeArgs support, and Apply changes. Along with the new project wizard and more, which provides a smooth experience for the developer. So if anyone wants to get his new features and is looking for the next stable version of Android Studio, Go ahead and download the Android Studio 4.2 version.

Here are the details of Android Studio 4.2

Most importantly Google adds the IntelliJ Platform update to this new Android Studio 4.2 version. This version includes all the major features and updates that are already available on IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2020.2. And it adds many improvements in the areas of Java support, editor, and version control. Along with third-party framework support.

Along with that, the latest version included Safe Args Support. Safe Args ensures secure data encapsulation if you want to pass data between two destinations in your app. Whenever you are handling the Jetpack Navigation component. But with the new version, you can have code autocompletion for directions Args and code navigation from source to XML.

In addition to the IntelliJ platform update and Safe Args Support, it also includes a new project wizard. This new Project Wizard makes it easier to discover Android device types. Also, this new version adds ViewBinding to every template. To make it easy to understand for developers, Android Studio 4.2 version some visual updates to the new module Wizards. This enables developers to easily understand the variety of module types they can add to the app.

Also to make it more easily adaptable among developers Google introduced a new Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) assistant in the Android Studio 4.2 version. Which will make the process of migrating existing projects to AGP 4.2 that is present in the latest version.

Android Studio 4.2, added new improvements to the database inspector

The Database Inspector lets you add, remove and modify your app’s database while your app is running. Android Studio 4.2 brings some improvements to Database Inspector. Which makes the process of managing and monitoring your app much more simple and easy. The New 4.2 Android Studio version brings an offline mode feature. Which allows you to inspect your app’s database after a process disconnects. This makes it easy to diagnose your app after a crash. To help you, Google added a query history option as well.

Along with this, you get a new feature called Apply Changes Enhancements. This Apply change allows you to edit code and resources. And simultaneously apply them to your running app without restarting your app. Google claims that Android Studio 4.2 includes several compatible changes with Apply Changes. These changes can be for adding resources and adding static final fields. While running on an Android 11+ device or emulator.

New Android Studio 4.2 comes with both AGP upgrade assistant and Android Gradle Plugin 4.2. This new AGP 4.2 adds a new resources compiler which should help in improving build performance, especially for Windows machines. In addition to this, AGP 4.2 has updated the default Java programming language to version 8. Lastly, it includes support for the APK v3 and APK v4 signing format.

Other improvements

Another improvement that Android Studio 4.2 version brings is Multiple Device Deployment. Developers often prefer deploying the app on multiple devices to see the results of the app that they developed. The early Android Studio version has this facility but later it was removed. And now Google adds it, you can find it through the device selection menu in Android Studio 4.2. If you often deploy tests of your app on multiple devices, then Android Studio will automatically recommend this feature to you.

In addition to this, you get new improvements in System Trace. System Trace allows developers to have a detailed analysis of their app’s performance characteristics. The latest version 4.2 Android Studio adds a new event to this System Trace feature. With these new events, you can view BufferQueue, RSS memory counters, and CPU core frequency all within a compact user interface.

So if you are a developer and looking for new Android Studio improvements. then go ahead and download the latest version of Android Studio 4.2 from the official site. If you are already using the Android Studio simply update it to the latest version.


Google officially released the new Android Studio 4.2 for enhancing developers. This new version brings many new features and some improvements to existing tools all to make building apps and projects easy and efficient. You can download the stable release from the official site.